Our Cookies are oatmeal based with flax seed, brewer's yeast, coconut, chia, and LOVE blended In every container. Our ingredients are holistic remedies used to help increase breast milk.

When developing Mylk by Cookie we wanted to make a product that would boost the milk flow for breastfeeding moms. 

We recommend two to three cookies to enhance your milk flow, but keep in mind that every mom body is different. We hope you and your family enjoy our cookies.

Vanilla Cranberry Almond
Chocolate Chip

We care about our moms and there babies .So it was very important that we use the best ingredients. We care about the ingredients that go into our product.We use most organic ingredients , premium all- natural and loads of love.We have three delicious flavors.Amazing Chocolate Chip ,Unbelievable Vanilla Cranberry and Almonds, and The All Time Vegan Chocolate Chip

A Delicious Lactation Cookie Dough Made With Natural Ingredients.​ 

​Vegan Chocolate